My Dentures Are Awful, What Advice Do You Have?

I had to get top and bottom plates one year ago. I take bad with how false and ugly they are. I cannot bite into anything and have to cut everything up, even toast. I have lost loads of weight because of this. I cannot open my mouth to take a mouthful off a fork as my teeth fall down. They look like teeth shaped out of plastic, are all blended together and not one individual tooth. If I eat any thing even a biscuit my teeth are a mess with bits of food. I cannot eat in front of anybody because of this, therefore can never go out for a meal. I had bad teeth and made a desperate decision to get false sets. I am devastated and would be glad of any advice
It sounds like a new set of dentures would be the first step, perhaps look for another dentist if you weren’t happy with the last set. If these don’t work then maybe think about dental implants to create fixed teeth instead. Hope this helps.
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