My Dentist Told Me That The Decay In My Tooth Will Not Be Removed Before Before An Onlay Is Fitted. Is This Correct?

Hello Dr Hughes, I hope you can help me. I have just been to the dentist and it turns out that I require an onlay. I used to have a crown over the tooth but this is no longer possible. My crown recently came out and contained some of my tooth. The tooth is still live. I have no constant pain although at times it is quite sensitive. I was told that the decay in the tooth will not be removed before the fitting. An impression has been taken. Is this correct? Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.
No this sounds incorrect based on what you have told me. If there is decay it should be removed first. If the tooth already has a crown it needs another crown as an onlay implies less tooth reduction than that required for a crown. I’d ask for confirmation of the advice though that may not be correct. If you have doubts please seek a second opinion first. I hope this advice answers your question. Best wishes  Dr Mark Hughes.
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