My Dentist Says My Tooth Can Be Replaced With A Porcelain One, How Long Will This Take?

hello ,i jus found out my front tooth on the right can not be saved and my dentist said a porcelain tooth is my best option , i just really want to know desperatly how long from my old tooth being taking out to a new percalain tooth being put it , how long wiould i have to wait inbetween? im asking because it will be clearly visable when my old tooth will get taken out and im very paranoid it will take months for this new tooth to be put in which would be my worst nighmare as its my front tooth and clearly visable , i would much appruciate it if u could email me back asap or if i would be able to contact you so i can find out more about this process , thankyou
You cannot put a porcelain tooth in the place of an extracted tooth unless it is on an implant or part of bridgework.
You need to return to your dentist and clarify your treatment .
It would seem strange that you would rather ask an online forum questions that you would be able to get better answers to , from the surgeon performing the treatment.
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