My Dentist Is Too Busy To Replace My Old Crown. Should I Try Another Dentist?

My very old crown has fallen out and my dentist intends to restore the tooth and install a new one. He says this has only a 50% chance of working and cannot start work for some time as he is too busy to start now. It is covered with some white protective material at the moment; I am worried that the long wait to start mean deterioration underneath. He has given me three appointments so far but it will take some time to all be completed. The tooth I’m referring to is my upper left premolar. Should I wait that long or should I try another dentist? Thank you for your time.
Hello. Unfortunately I can’t really tell how long the protective material will last without seeing you in person and judging for myself. If you are worried it won’t last until your appointments then you could seek help from another expert dentist and see what they say about it. I hope this helps and prevents you from worrying. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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