My Dentist Has Said My Implants Have Failed Because I Smoke. Could This Really Be True?

Hi Mark. I recently had 2 implants fail (upper molars) after 2 years. My dentist said this is because I smoke, is that really likely to be the cause after 2 years? I thought the main risk was in the early stages? I avoided smoking (practically) during the first 6 months. I am 46 and otherwise healthy. I would appreciate any advice on this. My dentist didn’t offer any failure plan at the time, so I will need to pay to have these done again! Thanks.
Smoking is one of the major causes of implant failure. It’s impossible to know if this is the exact reason but because you have continued to smoke it has to be considered a possibility. There can be other reasons such as the presence of gum disease on the other teeth, a heavy bite on the implants or indeed incorrect placement, traumatic surgery and the use of inferior quality implants. Ask about the type of implant used – find out if it was one of the better ones and if your dentist has a lot of experience with implants. My advice would be to seek a second opinion from a recognised specialist or an expert with a large amount of experience in implant placement.

Regards, Mark.

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