My Dentist Give Limited Advice On How To Deal With My Gum Disease, Can You Help?

im 24 and I have gum disease. My front teeth are really frustrating me, my teeth were perfectly fine and all of a sudden my gums became swollen and started to disappear. I find it really embarrassing. I used to have great teeth, white, all straight always smiling and now I hate to smile.
I am constantly sucking on my teeth and gums. I have always looked after my teeth, brushing, flossing, Listerine. And now im stuck. I would really like to have veneers done but I don’t know if we can have them done with gum disease. My dentist doesn’t particually give me any adivse apart from brush my teeth and floss. is there any specific treatment you can have done to prevent the gum disease?
You need regular visits with a Hygienist and a thorough daily cleaning regime. Once this has cleared up you could consider veneers in the future.
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