My Dental Bridge Feels Grainy Against My Tongue. Can This be Polished Smooth?

Hey Dr Hughes. I have just had a 4 tooth dental bridge fitted by my dentist, and the bridge feels great with no pain. However, the texture of the bridge is not smooth, it feels grainy against my tongue, as if there is grit under the glaze. I had 2 front crowns done by the same dentist last year and they feel great, the texture is smooth and glass like. The bridge is on the upper back 4 teeth. This problem is irritating me no end. My question is, can this be polished smooth in my mouth without harming the glaze or should I request a new bridge? Will removing the bridge harm the original teeth underneath? Many thanks.
Hi, thank you for your question. You might be able to get it polished. Did the dentist have to adjust the bite? It could be rough porcelain or some excess cement/glue stuck to the surface. Maybe a polish will sort it out, at least improve it. Ask your dentist to take a look at it for you and explain your concerns.  Regards,  Mark.
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