My Daughter Swallowed Too Much Toothpaste When She Was Young And Now They Are Really White On The Bottom. Is She Too Young For Treatment?

Hi there Dr Moore, my 10 year old daughter’s two front teeth are really white on the bottom half. Our dentist has said she probably swallowed too much toothpaste when she was younger which has given her this appearance. He seems reluctant to give me any advice on cosmetic procedures, I appreciate she is a bit young but we would like to think there was hope as she is starting to become embarrassed of it now and I don’t want her to be teased about it at school. I would appreciate some good advice with this matter. Thank you.
Hi and thanks for getting in touch. I would say she’s a bit young for any advanced cosmetic treatment but could have something done when she’s older including veneers, whitening or bonding. I would suggest she try tooth whitening when she reaches a suitable age, as this isn’t so intrusive to the enamel or as expensive. Unfortunately all you can do at the moment is wait till she’s older. Best wishes. Dr Andrew Moore.
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