My Daughter Is Allergic To The Metal In Fixed Braces. Is There Any Other Brace Type She Can Wear?

Hi Andrew. My daughter has significant gap between her front upper and lower teeth. She has had a separator and started the process of braces only to discover she is allergic to the metal. Our orthodontist has said that there are no options other than plastic, that some parts have to be metal. Do you have any any suggestions please, she wants her to take prednisone to suppress her reaction and I am worried about that as an option? She has said some parts can be ceramic but the back parts that anchor the braces have to be made of metal. Thank you for your time.
Hi. The wires and the back part of the brace will be metal even with a white bracket brace, it might be worth getting an opinion from a dentist who has extensive experience of Invisalign (clear plastic aligners) as these might overcome the allergy factor. Look for a platinum accredited Invisalign dentist in your area through the web. Kind regard, Dr Andrew Moore.
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