My Daughter Has Lost All Her Milk Teeth And She Has An Overbite. Would She Get Free Treatment On The NHS?

Hello! I have a daughter who is 13 years old and she has lost all of her milk teeth. She has an overbite, a cross-bite and her two front canines are very crooked. She also wakes up every morning with a very sore jaw. She is happy to have braces as most of her friends have them. I have had many recommendations from family, other mothers and our family dentists. My daughter really has low self esteem and does not like the way her teeth stick out like vampire fangs, so her confidence will really really benefit from braces. She also likes drama and acting so would like to look good for performances. I wanted to know, would my daughter get free treatment on the NHS?
It may be possible for her to have treatment on the NHS but it may well be limited (in other words not all treatment options will be open to her e.g. Incognito braces, Invisalign) – but please ask your local NHS dentist can they refer you. She is the ideal age for this treatment really. Best wishes, Dr Mark Hughes.
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November 19th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
charlotte Says :

Thank you very much for your time to answer my question! So do you think that normal train tracks would be an option?

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