My Dad Is Suffering From TMJ, Is Surgery The Only Option?

Hello sir,
my dad aged 68 is suffering from TMJ. We have tried almost most of the suggested treatments except surgery. He is not able take anything other than liquids. He has severe locking/ unlocking problem both jaws and unable to close mouth easily. This is knocking his confidence. Also, mouth keeps opening up…..we are being suggested that only surgery can help. Could you please suggest if this is treatable and if yes, how much would it cost please? He is not a resident of UK. Any information you can provide on the matter would be greatly appreciated as it is severely affecting not only him but his family also.
Hello there thanks for writing in, you’ve done the correct thing in approaching an expert! If he’s tried bite raising appliances then surgery might be an option, costs will vary so you’ll need to arrange a consultation with an oral surgeon first. This would likely be his best course of action, hope this goes someway to helping you with your issue.
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