My Crown Keeps Falling Out And Would Need A Denture If It Falls Out Again. How Much Would It Cost To Have Implants For 3/4 Teeth?

Hi there. I have just been to my dentist and had one of my crowns re-fixed yet again, probably for the sixth time. I was told that the dentist that originally fixed the crown, didn’t check that the post was long enough and that’s why it falls out on occasions. Next to the crown is a bridge that is fixed to a now cracked tooth so it wobbles, the bridge has wobbled for about 10 years only coming out once. I asked the dentist this morning what it if comes out again, they said that they won’t cement it in again and I would have to have a denture, which fills me full of dread. I am a pensioner and don’t have a large income and wondered if there would be an alternative on the NHS, or how much would it cost to have implants for 3/4 teeth? My own teeth are shrinking so next to the crown it’s considerably smaller.
Hello. Implants might be the best option for the failing bridge and the crown. It’s hard to give you a detailed cost of treatment without seeing you as each dental case is unique. Perhaps you could see a local implant dentist for a consultation. Some clinics can provide financial options to spread the cost of treatment. If you’d like more information on dental implants and implant retained dentures such as all-on-4, you can find this through this website. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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