My Crown Had To Be Cracked Out As It Seemed To Be Stuck On Something. Do You Have Any Idea What This Could Be?

Hello Andrew. My front tooth fell out weeks after 4 front crowns were placed. It was cemented back in a couple months ago and the same crowned tooth  felt like it was going to come out again. This time the crown felt like it was hanging on by a thread. The crown had to be cracked out in the end. I was wondering what it was stuck on, do you have any idea what it could have been? Time went by the same crown fell out again within a few months. When it fell out it had a long plastic thing inside the crown. What was that inside of my crown? It was this time that I learned the tooth had decayed and it had to be extracted. I am waiting for an implant on this tooth.
Hello and thank you for writing in. It would be difficult to say what it was without seeing you in person. The best person to ask would be your dentist. If you’d like further information on crowns, you can find it through this website. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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