My Cosmetic Treatment Abroad Has Left Me With Bleeding Gums, What Can Be Done?

hi 3 years ago i went to hungary and had a metallic brace fitted to my gums to which my dentures attached. during that period my gums have become inflamed ! they also bleed when i brush them . i just wondered what could be done and would the clinic treat me at no extra cost , as i can not afford to pay for any more treatment .the hungarian clinic have a place in london where i went for my check up . but they keep charging me 50 for a consultation do u think my condition is gingivitus or something worse ? i would be very happy with any advise you could give me on how the problem could be solved thanks lee p.s i look forward to hearing from you in the near future !
It’s impossible for me to diagnose your condition properly without examining you in person but bleeding gums are a sign of something serious that needs attention. Any dentist who examines you and offers treatment who is not responsible for the condition is of course entitled to charge a fair fee for their professional advice and services. Going abroad for ‘cheap’ treatment , especially if it is complex treatment, is risky and does not offer you a solution of aftercare and maintenance, which is just as important as the treatment itself. You may have to consider flying back to Hungary?

The problem needs to be diagnosed first and treatment suggested quickly as the bleeding is a worry.

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