My Amalgam Filling Is Fragmenting And Needs To Be Removed. How Would This Be Done And What Are The Costs?

Hello Dr Moore. I have a question I hope you can help me with. What material is used to fill the area that is extracted in an apicoectomy? This is after I’ve had two operations to remove cysts and I also have an amalgam packing from 1977 and 1985 in the same area. This amalgam is now fragmenting and needs to be removed. What is involved in doing this and how successful will the operation be? What is the cost of this and can it be done at a dentist surgery or hospital? I need help understand the procedure. Thank you for your time.
Hello and thank you for writing in. It’s difficult for me to say without seeing you in person for a full consultation but it can be successful. This is normally carried out by a specialist in hospital so there shouldn’t be a charge. You would need to run through this with your dental surgeon. You could also try to find a similar case to yours using an internet search. I hope this helps for now. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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