My 5 year old daughter has a severe bite problem, what can I do about this?

Q. My 5 year old daughter has a phase 3 bite. I have been advised that she can have a brace fitted to increase the size of her top jaw. I am aware that this is very expensive and I have limited resources. Can this be funded by the NHS? I do not want her to have to wait until she is a teenager. Her bite is not really bad at present but I understand that it will get significantly worse during puberty. My daughter is very tall for her age and is more than likely to hit puberty earlier than her peers. I would really appreciate some advice. Kind regards.
A. Any brace to alter the bite can’t be carried out until she is older, you could however ask your dentist to refer her to the local hospital orthodontic specialist in your area for a second opinion, treatment if possible could start age 10
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