My 3-Year Old’s Teeth are Damaged. Will Cosmetic Dentistry Help?

Hello Dr Hughes. I’ve taken my three year old to the dentist.  His three front teeth are badly damaged, and the front two are corroded in the middle from poor dental care on my part, and drinking from bottled milk and fruit juices I’ve been told nothing can be done to fix them,  but is there anything he could get done cosmetically to cover this damage? Maybe filling it in or caps? Although all I can to is prevent the damage from getting worse, I don’t want my son to have to go through school or nursery with this and feel self conscious because of my mistakes. Thank you. 
Hello, thank you for contacting me with your enquiry. It might be possible to have the teeth reconstructed – take him to a paediatric dentist for a second opinion. Regads, Mark. 
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