My 23 month old daughter has chipped her front tooth, what should I do?

My 23 month old daughter chipped her front tooth this week, while playing at the park. I took her straight to the dentist but they just said its fine it doesnt need filing down. Its very unsightly and is causing her speach to be different to usual. Is there anything that can be done to make it look somewhat like it used to so that it looks better and improves her speach to what it was? She is also finding it herd to close her mouth without chewing on the inside of her bottom lip with the chipped tooth.
Sorry to hear about her accident. If she could cope with treatment ie staying still, then this tooth can be built up with some resin bonding that can look like a natural tooth. If she won’t tolerate this, the tooth could be smoothed if it catching her bottom lip and then bonding when she is a bit older. If you dentist won’t complete this, I would recommend finding a local paedodontist (children’s specialist dentist) for this who may have some useful calming techniques too.
Good luck
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