My 14 Year Old Has Two Protruding Front Teeth. Could You Tell Me The Best Treatment For My Son?

Hi Mark. My son, who is 14 years old, has his front 2 teeth protruding forward. These teeth sometimes rest and sit on his lower lip. He’s still got 3 milk teeth left to come out, 1 on the top set and 2 from bottom set. His bottom teeth are fine with no gaps in them. His front two teeth look so bad.  He had perfect milk teeth but ever since his permanent teeth have come through, they’ve just fallen out of alignment. Could you tell me the best treatment for my son and how long he has to wait for this? Thanks.
Hello. I would need a full examination, assessment and X-rays to advise you on the best treatment options. My advice would be to take him to a very experienced cosmetic dentist and/or orthodontist to discuss options. Some of his permanent teeth may be congenitally missing and this could be very important in the planning of his treatment hence I think seeing a cosmetic dentist is vital, as well as a very good orthodontist. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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