May be I need a surgery for my assymetrical jaw, please advise.

Q. Hi, I have an assymetrical jaw. I suspect that I might have the TMJ disorder. It doesn’t cause much pain, but there is two symptoms is obvoius. -There is a shifting in the position of the teeth, or a change in the bite. -Hard to open the jaw fully, or the jaw may shift to one side after opening. I amlooking a solution on my problem. May I know the estimation cost for the surgery if it need to be done. Thank you,

A. You may not need surgery.  Your joint can often be treated with bite splints followed by equilibration of your bite if required. However a full examination to assess your particular problems is necessary before a proper diagnosis and treatment plan  can be decided

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December 25th, 2010 at 08:47 PM
Sophie Says :

and who do you contact about this kind of problem? my dentist has noted it but not pressed the subject?

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