I’ve Swallowed the Cover of my Dental Implant, Will it Cause Harm?

Hi Mark. The cover for one of my dental implants came off while I was eating and I swallowed it. I am frightened it will cause damage to my stomach or intestines. What do you suggest? This is the second time it has come off, but the first time it just plopped onto my tongue while talking on phone. The dentist I use is awesome but as fate would have it, this is the weekend so the clinic is closed. I got the screws placed about one month ago on the back upper tooth on the right. I have two dental screws on the upper left back and so far have had no trouble with them. Thank you for your time.
Hello, thank you for contacting me with your question. If you have swallowed it, then it should pass through safely. Please inform your dentist what has happened as soon as you can.  Regards, Mark. 
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