I’ve Spent A Lot Of Money On Braces But Feel That They Haven’t Worked. Is There Any Other Way My Teeth Can Be Straightened?

I had braces which my dentist removed one and a half year back. I didn’t wear the retainers as it hurt a lot. She completed my treatment without removing any of my teeth. After finishing my treatment I still felt that my upper teeth were still in front and my friends felt that too. What should I do to get my teeth straight? I don’t want braces again. Is there any other option which would have a reasonable cost since I have spent more than 40k on my treatment already?
If your goal is to move back your set of front teeth by several millimetres or more then orthodontics may be your only solution, possibly with teeth extracted or surgery on the jaw. If you wish to only slightly retract them then veneers may be an option but they would require significant tooth reduction which may not be a healthy option? Invisalign instead of braces may be possible but a consultation would be required in person to assess you properly. I hope this helps, Mark.
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