I’ve Had Acid Erosion And Would Like To Know If A Bridge Is Suitable For My Missing Teeth?

Hello Dr Moore, I am 30 years old and already have had 4 teeth extracted, this is largely down to acid erosion due to too many fizzy drinks and it’s left me with very little enamel left on my teeth. I am missing upper right 4 and 6 and upper left 5 and 6. I desperately want to fill these gaps and I would like to know if a bridge is suitable? Implants are really not an option for me at this time for financial reasons and I do not want to have to wear a denture at such a young age but I need to be able to smile again without a hand over my mouth. I look forward to hearing your advice. Thanks.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. A bridge would mean drilling down the adjacent teeth in most cases so you’d need a full assessment to see if they are suitable as anchors. You could try to find a dentist in your local area who could spread the cost as this may make implants more affordable. I hope this helps and best of luck, Dr Andrew Moore.
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