I’ve Been Wondering How I Can Get Low Cost Dental Treatment. Do You Have Any Suggestions?

Hello Dr Moore. I have been having problems with my teeth and some have fallen out and some have been taken out. I feel I am getting nowhere at all it’s one after another and I have lost so much confidence from this and I am scared to smile or laugh loud in company as I feel they will see my teeth. I am wondering how I can go about getting dental treatment at a low cost as I am only in a part time job and not earning enough to pay for the cost at my dentist. Any advice would be greatly received. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry, I’m sorry but there isn’t really a way of getting the treatment on the cheap unless you get referred to a teaching hospital for free treatment by students, and you may also want to try and find a payment plan to spread the costs, which may be more helpful to your situation. Search the various practices through the internet and find somewhere locally. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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