I’ve Been Told That My Teeth May Need To Be Contoured After Invisalign Treatment. Is This Correct?


I am a 50 year old female in good health and with good teeth.

I am considering having the Invisalign treatment to straighten my front teeth, which are not straight and overlap slightly.

A relative who has recently had this treatment has advised me that after my teeth are straightened they will be different lengths and may need contouring?

What does this mean and is this correct?

Thank you! 

The re-contouring (or indeed sometimes more advanced treatment) is often needed in adults after orthodontics, to make the teeth look their absolute best. The reason for this is that during their lifetime the teeth wear down asymmetrically, especially if they are crooked to begin with.

The need for this (if any) should be assessed at your initial consultation. Please note that sometimes orthodontists do not spot this or they are not trained to discuss any restorative cosmetic dentistry techniques. So ask the dentist or orthodontist and they can refer you if required before you actually order and begin the Invisalign. If a cosmetic dentist is doing the treatment then they often will discuss this and plan any further procedures at the same time.

I hope that makes sense? You can always email me a photo of your teeth for my advice: [email protected] Kind regards, Mark.

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