I’ve Been Told That I Have To Get Used To My Bulky Crown. Could You Tell Me If This Is Correct Or Not?

Good evening Dr Hughes. I hope you can help me determine whether I’ve had bad dental treatment or not? About 3 months ago I’ve had a crown placed on my upper front tooth. The temporary crown was fantastic and matched it well, unfortunately the permanent one is noticeably larger than the other teeth and it sticks out. My dentist told me it’s because my teeth are crowded and that I’ll get used to it.
I really disagree with him and have tried to get used to it but to no avail. Is it possible for me to send a picture to you to see if my dentist is trying to cover up bad dental work please? Many thanks.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. Of course you can send your photo’s here please:

http://www.thesmileexperts.co.uk/smile-simulation/ If you’d like any further information on the crowns and how this treatment works you can find it through this website, it may provide you with further answers in the meantime. Regards, Mark.

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