I’ve Been Thinking About Getting A Bridge For The Gap In My Teeth. How Much Would It Cost For The Dentures?

Hello there, Dr Hughes. I had a tooth knocked out a few years ago and have been happy with the gap but now I’ve been thinking about getting it replaced, I was thinking about getting a bridge, but I heard that if I want it in gold I would have to have the whole bridge made with gold, that’s too much gold for my tastes. So I’m thinking about getting a couple of dentures, a white one and a gold one for special occasions. How much roughly would it cost for the tooth on the partial denture to be made of gold? Thanks in advance.
Hi. The cost will depend on what type of gold and how much of the tooth is gold – in other words it can be a gold alloy with a low content of pure gold and it could be just the front face of the false tooth that has the gold. The more ‘pure’ gold the more costly it will be. Anywhere from £350-£1800 per denture also depending on the quality of the dental lab used and the type of denture. Dentures can be just simple plastic ones or much better fitting metal alloys.

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