I’ve Been Terrified Of The Dentist Ever Since I Got Work Done In My Twenties. Now I’m 55, Is The Any Hope For A New Smile?

Dr Moore, I’ve been terrified of the dentist ever since I got work done in my twenties. I have not been since and as you can imagine my teeth are pretty bad.  I still have 5 front teeth on my top and 9 on my bottom set. The back ones are in bits literally. The teeth are worn down, is there any hope for me? My personal and social life is being affected  as I am avoiding photographs and going to social gatherings. I am 55 years old and would like a smile back before it’s to late if it isn’t already.
Yes there are options ranging from removable dentures to fixed dental implants. You could have treatment under sedation too help you relax during the treatment. I would seek out a local dentist who offers sedation and cosmetic dentistry and call them for a full consultation to discuss all the options. It’s always a good idea to find a dentist you feel totally comfortable with, so try a few different places before you make your decision. You should look around this website for more information on each procedure. Best of luck.
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