I’ve Been Checked Over Recently And Since Then I Noticed One Of My Gums Was A Blueish, Grey Colour. What Has Caused This?

Hi Mark,
I’ve just been to the dentist to get my teeth checked and cleaned. No apparent issues. I noticed since then one of gums is a really blueish, grey colour.
It was a little off colour after I got a veneer years ago but seemed to improve now it’s really noticeable and I feel really embarrassed over it. I don’t smoke and if it was gum disease, surely my dentist would have told me. What should I do? Do you know what could be causing this? Thanks.
Kind regards.
Thank you for your enquiry. The greyness could be many things but it is most often due to the tooth being root canal treated (having no nerve), metal from the dental restoration, tooth decay or leakage of the veneer, calculus (tartar) under the gum, to name the most common things.

Do you know if the tooth has no nerve?

You could always email a photo to my practice (contact details are available on the site) or ask a good cosmetic dentist in your area for an opinion?

Best wishes,  Mark.

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