I’ve Been Advised By My Dentist To Extract A Tooth Due To Bone Loss. It Rarely Causes Discomfort. Should I Remove It?

Hi Mark. I have a history of periodontal disease for which I am receiving regular hygienist treatment. The periodontist has advised extraction of a tooth (due to bone loss and advisory caution to the tooth next to it which could be compromised) This tooth did give pain months ago but now is virtually pain free. Because it rarely gives discomfort I now feel unsure. I have been told that exudate is coming from the gum, there is a sinus (I believe this is the right term) so the exudate is not trapped within. My Dentist sought additional information from the specialist and the advice is to proceed with extraction. The main symptom I have from the area sometimes is a feeling of ‘a warm tooth’ if that makes sense. If you have any thoughts you may have on this I would be grateful.
Hello and thank you for contacting me. The tooth which has been advised to be extracted will likely act as a nidus (source) of ‘bad’ bacteria for the other teeth in particular the ones next to it and so will compromise these teeth and risk making their infections worse. Based on what you have explained to me, I would take the advice of the specialist and take it out then you’ll have a better chance of saving your other teeth. Kind regards, Mark.
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