Is this typical of what I would expect to pay for the braces?

Q. I have just had a consultation at a dental clinic in the City regarding having my teeth straightened. I have prominent front teeth, in particular one to the side of my middle teeth, and was recommended traditional fixed braces for 18 months with a permanent retention wire at the back of the teeth permanently afterwards. I was quoted £3,800 for the treatment which seemed rather a lot. Is this typical of what I would expect to pay and is the permanent retainer necessary (I hadn’t expected this)? I look forward to hearing from you.,
A. For modern fixed braces this quotation is probably about right. However, it is worth going for a few consultations with different Dentists who can give you some different options. There are many different orthodontic treatments available at the moment to suit all price ranges. If you would like to book a consultation with an Orthodontist to review all of the different treatments available to you, you can call 0207 612 9810. The team would be happy to fix an appointment at a time convenient to you.
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