Is there any way I can have my teeth straightened without the use of braces?

Hi Doctor Shaffie. Can you help? One of my teeth next to my right tooth is pushed back and the one next to it is higher and is pushed forward, what would i need to do to get a straight smile without having to have repetitive treatments? and how much will it cost?

this has been a problem for many years and need help but i do not want to have braces because as my teeth come out straight after time one of them is of coloured so they would look horrible. The issues are causing me to feel extremely self conscious and i need something doing about it right away. 

Hello. Thank you for the information. It is very difficult for me to answer this without seeing you for a consultation. However, without braces it would probably mean that you need veneers or crowns to rectify this problem. You would have to see your dentist for the best solution. I hope this helps, good luck. 
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