Is There Any Way I Can Get Dental Help For My Boyfriend Without It Breaking The Bank?

Hello. I have been up for a few hours such searching the internet looking for ways to get low cost dental care for my fiancé. His teeth are so bad and his breath is worse. He wasn’t taught properly about hygiene so they are not taken care of.  I want to marry him when his confidence is high. I want to be able to kiss him finally and not have to stop him to go rinse with mouthwash, even then it doesn’t always work. Something is wrong and he needs help. Financially we can’t swing the cost. Do you have any advice for us? I don’t want to lose him, but I am having a harder time getting past the teeth. Especially when we get married. His teeth should match his awesome personality. Thanks.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. He needs to go for a check up as he sounds like he may have gum disease. This will only get worse if not already. You could ask your dentist to refer him to a local dental hospital for reduced rates. You could also try to find a practice which offers a payment plan to make the costs more manageable. Other than this, the only option is to save up as much as you can afford. Try to research the various treatments. This should help you understand his condition more. I hope this helps. Regards, Marcus.
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