Is There Any Way I Can Dull My Tooth Colour a Bit?

I whitened my teeth with 3 weeks of wearing Zoom! in trays from my dentist. It was following Invisalign treatment. I have extremely pale English skin and I feel that I have ‘over-whitened’ my teeth so that the shade does not look natural against my colouring. My teeth were quite yellow before so it’s a huge contrast and I wish I had not whitened them for long and gone for a more natural creamy shade that complements my skin tone better. It’s 4 months since I whitened them and they are still looking very ‘bright’ and too white! I know that the effects of whitening will fade a bit over time but is there anything I can do to give them a more creamy natural shade, or how long will it take for the ‘brightness’ to dull down a bit? A year, 2-5 years? I realise I’m here with a different issue than most people but I do think skin tone is a very important consideration in getting a pleasing natural shade – not just matching to the whites of your eyes. Thanks.
Hi, thank you for your question. Home whitening is a good way to whiten the teeth as it leaves the final colour up to the patient (within reason). It sounds like you’ve just over done it, the colour will wear off but you might need to drink more coffee and red wine! 
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