Is There Any Temporary Filler Treatment I Can Administer at Home?

Good morning Dr Hughes. I am having my bottom four front teeth pulled in five weeks’ time, and at a later date I will be having them replaced by prostheses. In the meantime, there will be a pretty obvious gap there, and  I would prefer it to be temporarily disguised. Is there any material that could be put in the gap until my new teeth are ready, and would it be possible for me to do this myself at home? I cannot afford any appointments for temporary filler as the treatment I’m already having has cost quite a lot, but I will be going a month or two without these teeth. Is there any temporary material I can put in this space so I don’t look so toothless for a few months? Thanks you. 
Hello, thank you for your question. I’m not aware of any filler treatment you could do at home, but perhaps you could ask your dentist to make one for you. Alternatively you could consider a payment plan if you really do feel more comfortable having temporary treatment. Regards, Mark. 
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