Is There Any Chance The Adhesive Glue From My Braces Could Cause My Teeth To Chip?

Hi Marcus. I brush my teeth twice a day as usual yet over last few years my teeth seem to chip and are becoming thinner. My own dentist said it’s down to personal care. What can I do? Also two of my teeth have been removed due to breaking and I feel like at any time another could break as they look so thin. During my last check up they mentioned I have glue on my teeth from when I had braces at 12/13 years old and that there has been damage around the glue. I feel like I’m getting no answers and that I’ll lose all my teeth if nothing is done.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. If your teeth are chipping and breaking with regularity then it is important that your dentist addresses your diet and looks into a possible tooth grinding habit. High acid in your diet will erode the protective enamel on your teeth and lead to thinning and chipping. Tooth grinding, if an issue, will put huge stresses on your teeth and exacerbate the damage being done by any acids.

To be quite honest, I am not sure what relevance the adhesive left on your teeth following you orthodontic treatment has to your current situation. Adhesive is very often left on teeth in this way but very rarely causes any issues, other than feeling a little rough.

I hope this information is helpful. Kind regards, Marcus Gambroudes.

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