Is there any alternative to denture as I find it very painful?

Q. I had cosmetic dentistry done many years ago, which included replacing my middle four front teeth (top) with crowns. One was knocked loose and subsquently I have had it removed as it was apparently so small that there was nothing for crown to hold on to. I am now using a temp denture, however a couple of things I would appreciate your advice on: 1) is there any alternative to temp denture, only I find it very painful after a while, and it looks very ugly with a thick pink plastic rim around the tooth, that does not match my gum and looks very prominent. 2) I have been diagnosed with gum disease around these crowns, and am desperately trying to work on this, but is teh denture now causing irritation to gums, as they not getting any better (p.s. gum disease appears to be around teh crowns only) I am very depressed about this situation and would give anything to be able to smile again, Many Thanks

A. Hi 

Thanks for your message, you mention that you are desperately trying to work on the gum disease. Forgive me if you are already doing any of the things I suggest, but I would recommend that you attend your dentist for their advise on your gum disease. Following on from this, as well as advsie on how you can try to improve things yourself, I would recommend that you attend regular appointments with your dental hygienist.

There are other options available instead of your temporary denture, firstly there is the option of having a permanent denture made. When you have a permanent denture made, it will take 4 – 5 weeks, and the end result should be a vast improvement in both appearance and comfort from the temporary one. If this is not something you wish to consider then you may be interested in a bridge. This would involve preparing the teeth on either side and fitting a bridge ( this would have attachments for the teeth either side and a false tooth for the gap) and fitting the brdige to them. Finally you would have the option of an implant. This would not involve any preperation on your other teeth, as the implant is placed into your bone, and after a healing period, a crown that then be placed.

I hope that the above information will be of assistance to you, but encourage you to contact me again should you require any further advise.

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