Is There an Inexpensive Product I Can Use as a Retainer?

Good afternoon Dr Hughes. I am currently undergoing orthodontic treatment but will not be able to afford retainers due to hard times with my family at the moment. I would like for my teeth to stay straight and not shift back to what they used to look like. I’ve looked online for a long time looking for something that I could do that would keep my teeth in place after brace treatment. Would a night guard bought from a store work as a retainer? Is there any inexpensive product I can buy from a store that would work as a retainer? Please help, I get my braces taken off in a week’s time. Thank you in advance. 
Hi, thank you for your question. Only a custom-made retainer will help hold your teeth in place properly. Anything that does not fit you very accurately or that is too flexible will not work effectively. The retainers are absolutely crucial to long term success and to avoid relapse, which would be even ore costly to correct again later on. Maybe your dentist/orthodontist can offer an affordable payment plan?

Best regards,  Mark. 

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