Is There a Way to Get My Smile Fixed at a Low Cost?

Hey, Dr Hughes. I have a few missing teeth and the teeth I have are discoloured. I am getting so down about their appearance. Is there any way I can get them fixed so I can finally having a bright smile like my friends, but at a low cost? I have been told that treatment will cost around £5000, and that would be for a couple of implants, teeth whitening and a new crown. I cannot afford this and I hate leaving the house due to my smile. Do they have students learning or something that could do it or any other cheaper alternatives? I’m stuck for options. Thank you for reading this question. 
Hello, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I’m not able to advise you on this but you could try asking your NHS dentist to refer you to a teaching hospital, or think about cheaper alternatives to implants if they are beyond your budget? Try asking your dentist, he or she will probably have a few ideas about alternatives as they are familiar with your situation. Regards, Mark. 
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