Is there a chance my root canal could fail in the long run, would veneers stress my teeth and does dentist experience really matter?

Q. Hello Dr Caplan I had root canal on one of my front tooth in Jan this year, and unfortunatlly it had gone grey. I went to a cosmatic dentist who suggested 2nd root canal, internal bleaching and porcelain crown for this tooth. At the same time I was interested in getting 3 vaneers put on my other 3 front teeth to achieve max cosmatic result. So my questions are.. 1) Is there a likelyhood for me to lose my grey tooth down the road after all these treatment s?! 2) does having the vaneers done on my other teeth “stress” the teeth?! Could it result in root canal afterward?! 3) I had been to couple cosmatic dentist. One is very well known and has lots of experience.. however he also charges 3 times what other dentist charges… Do you think that experience and techniques play a big part of the successof my teeth or is it more like chances ?! (losing my grey tooth or not down the road) thank you,
A. Root treatments can fail and you could possibly lose this tooth in the long run – however this is unlikely unless you have a vertical root fracture Treating any tooth can lead to further treatment such as root canal – veneers are least likely to cause this issue Finally – always go with experience as cosmetic treatment success is very much dependent on how skillful the dentist is
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