Is My Dentist Giving Me the Right Advice?

I am 48 years old and have been told by my dentist today that my front teeth have short roots and I would be in danger in maybe 5 years time of loosing my teeth. He is referring me to a specialist to see about augmenting the front teeth by adding bone cartilage. Can you clarify what he means? I really do not want to have implants as my front teeth are a lovely shape and I want to hold on to them for as long as I can. Also, I had a very deep filling today in my back wisdom tooth. The same dentist told me that it might not take and that I would have to have root canal treatment done if it continues to give me trouble. He also suggested that I have it removed if it does cause continual trouble, as it is an ‘8’ and wouldn’t be seen and its absence wouldn’t effect my jawline. What is your advice on this? Should I bother with root canal to ensure a strong jawline for future years, or just have it removed? It is very far back.Thanks a million.
Great questions, thanks for writing in.

It sounds like your dentist is giving you good advice. If you have periodontitis (gum disease) then yes I would recommend you see a specialist – I think that is what you are referring to? Likewise if you have an extremely deep cavity or filling close to the nerve of a tooth the nerve can react badly and become infected and the only options then are extraction (removal of the tooth) or root canal treatment (again, ideally with a specialist). Quite often it’s extremely difficult to do root canals on wisdom teeth and it might be more practical to have it removed. Removing wisdom tooth does not affect your jawline.

I hope that helps you to make a decision. Best wishes, Mark.

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