Is it the usual practise to leave teeth without veneers after caps have been removed?


I am interested in getting porcelain veneers fitted, but am hesitant as I have been told I have to get my plastic caps drilled off first and wait two weeks to have my veneers fitted. My teeth underneath had worn away due to acidity and so do not have much enamel left after drilling and being capped.

My caps are on my four front top teeth so do not want to be without front teeth for this long.

I would like to know if it is possible to take off my plastic caps and have veneers fitted in one session. And also the price per tooth and location.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

We can put veneers on in one session but I do not like to do it. I never leave people wih missing teeth I always make protype teeeh which mimic the final set which are worn for a couple of weeks while the new veneers are being made, these protect your teeth and allow you preview your smile and make sure you are happy before the final ones are fitted. Feel free to contact me for a consultation.
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