Is it possible to use CEREC in conjunction with implants

Q. After a blow to the mouth, 30 years ago, which broke the roots of my 2 front teeth, I had an apisectomy, then veneers. I was told the teeth were too weak to crown, but eventually crowns were fitted and have lasted well. However, I cannot bite on those teeth, and i dislike their appearance. I am now condidering implants, but my brother’s recent experience has worried me.He has been fitted with a very unattractive temporary crown while the gum-surgery heals. My question is: is it possible to use CEREC in conjunction with implants – or might it be possible sometime in the future? If not, could I have my injured teeth re-crowned, using CEREC, or would there be a risk of further damage? My present dentist thinks they are too weak to re-crown and that the new crowns may not last for more than 10 years. But would CEREC (which he doesn’t do!) make a difference?? Many thanks for your help. 

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I personally dont think cerec would make a difference. It is important to see a dentist who can use quality labs to make quality crowns. I personally feel that lab produced crowns by a quality technician are better than cerec crowns.

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