Is it possible to have a procedure corrected free of charge if it was not the agreed treatment?

Q. I’ve recently (3 days ago) had porcelain veneers on my front two teeth as the bottoms were chipped and the fillings kept breaking off. The dentist fitted porc. veneers as a solution, but filled the gap I didn’t want filled and the teeth are shorter than originally, and now I have a speech impediment as I can’t pronounce the letter F without sounding like Daffy Duck. What are my rights in being able to have these changed at no fee?,
A. Generally recourse would be through an “informed consent” discussion on how well the dentist documented the discussion before starting treatment. Speech alteration is a short term nuisance that usually resolves within a couple of weeks, reestablishing the gap is striaght forward, altering the length will be limited by the bite of the lower teeth to avoid the veneers chipping like your natural teeth did.
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