Is It Possible to Have a Fixed Brace on My Upper Teeth and an Inman Aligner on My Bottom Teeth?

Is it possible to have a fixed brace on the upper teeth and wear an Inman Aligner on the bottom teeth? I have had a mini online consultation and was advised for the top teeth only. I have a rotated left front tooth and crowding on the left upper side. Right below on the bottom row I have a small gap and also one on the opposite side on the lower teeth. I thought you had to have braces for both the top and bottom teeth. I would really like to have a removable aligner for the bottom if needed, could you please advise if this is possible?
Hi, thank you for writing in. Yes, in theory it is, as long as the two treatments are coordinated properly. Seek out a qualified orthodontist in your area who is experienced in both treatments. Kind regards, Mark. 
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