Is It Possible to Get Treatment from Students?

I saw you on this morning and thought you came across as approachable and the work you had done was amazing. I could not afford this treatment but wondered if you knew of anywhere where you could go as a patient for students. I have missing teeth and it really depresses me. I had breast surgery some years ago which has left me with a deformity but doesn’t bother me anywhere as much as my teeth. All I can get with the NHS is a very ill fitting denture but now it’s got where I don’t have any confidence at all. The denture is forever falling out and the plate just makes me gag. Most of my lower back teeth are missing. I had a school dentist many years ago who removed four and two of these never were replaced with adult teeth. I feel like my face is now sinking and wasting away. 
Many thanks for your email. I can sympathize with your situation, however I do not know of any places that would treat you for a discounted rate or as a teaching aid. We do as a clinic offer interest free credit to help finance the treatments, if this would help. If you would like to investigate this further do not hesitate to call 01617485250 and book a free consultation.

Kind regards, Dr Kailesh Solanki. 

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