Is it possible to fully close the gap in my front teeth and what are my options to fix it?

Q. Hello. I’m 20 years old and unfortunately have a large gap in between my two upper front teeth. The space is roughly 8mm in width so you can imagine my insecurities. I was wondering if it’s possible to FULLY close a gap that size and what my options are in fixing this problem. Thank you 🙂

A. Hi closing the gap with a brace maybe possible but will take a long time. You could try the brace and finish with veneers or bonding it the gap doesn’t close up completely

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October 22nd, 2010 at 08:47 PM
Chanel Says :

Is it possible to close my very, very large old gap between my front teeth when I have 20 year old crowns over the two front teeth, which was originally put there to close the gap up a bit? It did work 20 years ago, but years later the gap and enlarged again.

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