Is It Possible For Me To Have A Crown Fitted? I’ve Had Health Issues In The Past And I’m Worried My Crowns Aren’t Secure.

Hi Dr Hughes. I hope you can help me out. I have two top front teeth that are caps with studs. Is it possible for me to have a crown fitted? Also what would the average cost be? I have had an heart operation 3 years ago and was ill for some time. My dentist will not see me now as I did not keep up my 6 month checks but told them I was very ill and off work for over 6 month. My crowns are not secure and I’m worried about the health side of things. Thank you for your reply in advance. 
Hello and thank you for writing in. Yes, if you already have a ‘cap with studs’ then these are actually crowns (they are often also referred to as caps) – so yes you should be able to have crowns. You probably need a full dental health assessment first regarding your gums, etc and receive treatment to make sure you are fully healthy before the treatment can proceed. More information on crowns is available through this website. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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