Is It Okay To Place Braces Over A Maryland Bridge?

Hi, I wondered if you could help me? when i was 12 i had braces to open
up a space. This space had to be opened up in order to compensate for my
missing lateral incisors which had to be replaced with dental implants. Now i
am 18 and have been told there is not enough space in the roots to place the
actual dental implant and I have been advised to have even more orthodontic
treatment, i am just wondering if the braces can be placed over the maryland
bridge i currently have and also how long it would take to open up roughly 4mm
of space for dental implants to be placed? This work is taking forever, I just want it finished!! I feel like my whole life is on hold…Anyway, thank you very much for in advance. 
Hi thank you for your question. In short yes they can. This process should
be possible within a 6 period. Please make sure you talk to your dentist first
though to see what exactly can be done. I hope this helps answer your question.
 Good luck. 
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