Is It Difficult For Dentists To Extract Teeth Barely Over The Gum Line?

Hello Dr Shaffie. I believe I may require treatment fairly soon, at the moment I have two back molars on opposite sides that need extracting and an upper tooth where a crown has come out. In regard to the back molars, one broke in half and the other one is barely above gum level and is almost entirely made up of filling. Will the extraction for the tooth barely over gum level be difficult to perform for some dentists?
I have not seen a dentist for two years, as my previous one retired. I will probably need some other work, can you offer me any advice in regards to this? Thank you and kind regards.
Hello, and thank you for your enquiry, It can be a difficult and tricky procedure but lots of dentists can remove them, try to find a dentist who specialises in this type of work, and one that you feel comfortable with. You can also have sedation at many clinics if you are nervous. I hope you manage to fix your problems. Kind regards, Dr Shaffie.
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